Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to locate the Milky Way on site

Just like to share the 2 favourite Android applications that I use when I'm on-site shooting the Milky Way. Couple these applications with Stellarium on your PC desktop, now you will practically be able to plan ahead where you intend to shoot and what is the best time to shoot as described in my previous article.

1. Google Sky Map
With a simple interface this application is easy to use. I particularly like the feature where I can search for the constellation Scorpius and the time travel feature to allows me to plan ahead of time where the Milky will appear a few hours later.

2. Planets
A visually pleasing application that shows more than just the Milky Way on the screen. Does not have a search feature. Supports time travel too like Google Sky Map. Available for both the Android and iOS devices.

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