Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Been thinking of starting a personal blog for quite some time now but has been holding it off due to the lack of direction and pure laziness. Well, I've finally decided to start and what I will blog about is about my favourite past time (no, not sleeping) which happens to be what a few hundred thousands out there are interested in too, PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

I'm mainly interested in Portraits (Studio and outdoors) and Landscape photography with the penchant for chasing the Milky Way at places near where I stay. The chase has brought me to many dark creepy places over the past 2 months since I restarted the chase for 2013 and will continue right up to the end of October, after which the best part of the Milky Way will be below the horizon for a few months until 2014.

Keep peeled for further updates from me later this week and I promise to reveal how you too can easily find the best time and place to shoot the Milky Way if you are interested.

Ciao for now. :)

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