Friday, 14 June 2013

Milky and landscape shooting in Bali

Wow!!! Bali is such an amazing destination for photographing landscapes and of course my favourite, the Milky Way. Although it was a little cloudy when I was there, we were able to capture the Milky easily when the clouds broke in between as the environment there is just so clean with no haze and relatively very little pollutants in the skies.

Luck was definitely on my side as I managed to capture 2 awesome frames with shooting stars and meteors passing by the earth's atmosphere in my shots.

Milky in the sky with shooting star         

Milky in the sky with meteor and shooting star

This shot was taken at Jatiluwih at the rice terraces. It was cloudy and misty but it was absolutely possible to get the Milky just when the clouds cleared a little bit.

Milky over the shed

This was taken from the porch in front of my hotel room at Amed. At that moment, it was even possible to see the Milky with naked eyes and it just makes it so much more easier to compose the shot.

Milky Way above our hotel roof

Two more shots of the Milky at Bali. According to our guide, it was a rare sight to see the peak of Mount Agung in the 2nd pic so clear at night without cloud covers. Got lucky again I guess. :)

Milky over the treeMilky above Mount Agung 

This is Mount Agung in daytime. Don't it look grand?

Gray Sunset

More of my nightscape shots can be found here.


  1. Hi, was just wondering if you hired a specialised photography guide, or just a normal tour guide?

    And how much did it cost, to have him take you around in the middle of night?